Please SPONSOR a cat's life and care

Monthly help

Please visit our "Gallery" pages to see if there is a cat reaching out to you that tugs on your heartstrings! A monthly donation of $35.00 will provide wet and dry food for the cat you want to "adopt" from a distance.

Eskimo and Paige, who met at Cats Crossing 10 years ago, are still best friends at age 19. Eskimo, left, was is in need of dental extractions so that she could continue to eat normally and without discomfort THANK YOU, Joan!

Special needs

Especially in older cats, unforeseen health problems can arise that require greater funds than we have budgetted. When a resident cat requires life-saving surgery or major dental work, the average cost is upwards of $900.00.

"Sugarae" was abandoned and "unadoptable" due to her deformed ears and incontinence. We solved the latter problem, but a vet found cancerous polyps in one ear, which would cause her early death. Thanks to the generosity of Pamela T. and a matching gift from her employer, Freddie Mac, Sugarae's costly surgery was a great success.

THANK YOU, Pamela!

Sponsor a new cat

Many people dream of placing their cats at Cats Crossing, but cannot afford the placement fees. As our waiting list lengthens, there are cats in need whose caretakers are in need of guardian angels.

If you would like to help a rescue organization, family or individual looking for a forever home for their cat, we can supply you with photos and some background information, while maintaining privacy and anonymity. Click on "Contact us" and send an e-mail about sponsoring a new cat.

Toto, left, suffers from seizures and is unsteady on his feet. Similar to a person with cerebral palsy, he needs medication daily. A $100.00 donation in Toto's name would go a long way. His friend, Tyson wants Toto to be around for a long time!

Tyson was named because of the abuse he endured at his previous placement, but his battered ears and eyes are healing nicely.