Do the cats all have names?

YES, and often they come to us already named.

Do you remember all their names, and how do you tell them apart?

YES ~ since I taught hundreds of art students every year and usually knew their parents, too, I am used to remembering lots of names! Each cat looks different from another: fur, size, personality, meow!

How many litter boxes are in the house?

30, which are scooped twice a day.

Do cats go in the art studio?

Not usually, since students may be allergic. Exceptions are made when a student bonds with a certain cat and wants him/her as inspiration. We discourage cat fur on artwork (unless it's on purpose!)

How do you keep track of all the cats here?

It seems I have developed a "mother's instinct" from being so close to numerous cats for such a long time. Like the cats, I have acute "senses", and somehow "know" when one is missing.

Do you allow cats to go outside? Don't they get lost?

We have built four enclosed areas outdoors that are attached to the house. With wire on all sides and the top, it prevents escape as well as entrance by any predators! There are cat flap doors in many windows of the house, so the cats have 24/7 access to being inside or out

...their choice!

How much do you feed them and how much does it cost?

On average, dry food consumption is at least 15 pounds per day. Every evening, 14 cans of 13-oz wet food are dispensed. Costs for dry food average $125.00 a week, and over $150.00 for wet food (not to mention litter costs!)

Do the cats fight when you have so many?

Miraculously, cats seem to sense that this is their last hope; initial defensive behaviors (growling, hissing) abate when they feel the harmony of older residents and learn that they are safe, cared for and loved unconditionally. We expect new cats to go through their own adjustment phase.

At right are two unrelated cats who became best friends after meeting at Cats Crossing.



Beside the house sits a mini Victorian cottage, within one of the outdoor enclosures for the cats.


Another enclosure, connected to the first via an above-ground skywalk

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